Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench BCB5860 Review

Ever watched a cool movie and wondered if the actors existed for real? Undeniably, their flawless well-balanced physiques are quite fascinating and for most of us, we can’t help admiring these celebrities. Honestly speaking, deep inside there is this sexy figure you have always dreamed of. While it may seem like a farfetched fantasy or one of your “California” dreams, with the right weight bench it’s just a matter of time and you will soon be swaggering around the local hood in a perfectly sculptured physique. Sounds fascinating right!

However, getting the perfect bench is no walk in the park. I mean there are dozens of factors to take into consideration. These include build quality, level of flexibility, robustness, price range among others. For any gym enthusiast contemplating investing in an adjustable weight bench, a good one should not only be affordable but also light more so if your sessions involve home gym set-ups. And that’s where the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Preacher Curl, Leg Developer, and Crunch Handle comes in!

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Unique Features Offered

For any gymnast after a weight bench ideal for profound full-body workouts, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 would be a brilliant option. An exceptional fitness gear uniquely designed with all the attributes you could wish in a workout bench, this fascinating machine comes in handy in various exercise maneuvers as well as serves you well at all levels. I mean with the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 can seamlessly enjoy both armature and expert from the comfort of your premises; thanks to its wealthy feature list!

Generously designed to capture optimum effectiveness, versatility, and flexibility, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 is a comprehensive fitness gear that guarantees to help you build your dream physique without a glitch.

First and foremost, the bench boasts of innovative adjusting mechanisms capable of achieving up to seven different workout positions. While the adjustable helps diversify your sessions and gives you a smooth experience when engaging the hard to reach muscle groups, the benches’ in-built safety hooks and non-pinch design are a great bonus when it comes to keeping your hands free from injury.

Boasting of a resilient 2.5-inch square tubular steel frame and high-density foam padding, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 is built for serious lifters. Complete with a U shaped front leg stabilizer, this fitness gear can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds (plus user weight) without wobbling.

On top of that, this Olympic weight bench features a flexible dual-action leg developer function crucial for improved lower body core workouts. Additionally, the bench comes with an innovative rack that includes height adjustment mechanisms which help you achieve the comfiest position during workouts.

To sum it up, the rack comes with weight plate holder pegs complete with a spring resister which not only provide you with convenient storage but also fully secures your accessories thus preventing them from slipping out.

Complete with heavily cushioned ab crunch, arm curl bar and preachers curl pad this versatile weight bench is a great addition in your home gym. When fully assembled, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 measures 76 by 56 by 55 inches and weighs 78.5 pounds.

A cutting edge weight bench precisely designed for maximum convenience and effective workouts around your premises, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 showers you with dozens of fascinating attributes which include:

  1. Improved versatility and adaptability

The Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 comprises of a multi-position back pad capable of achieving up to seven different workout angles. In addition to that, its dual-function leg developer function is highly flexible and comes loaded with adjustable roller pads to ensure maximum comfort and easiness even during gruesome routines.

Simply, with this adjustable weight bench, you can smoothly perform full-body workouts including incline, decline, and flat presses while still maintaining the best body position.

  1. Maximum durability and robustness

Essentially, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 is an exceptional fitness gear precisely designed to enhance intense daily workouts without compromising your safety or comfort. Ideal for serious lifters, this bench features top-quality construction which includes heavy-duty 2.5-inch thick tubular steel frame and premium upholstery to ensure maximum support.

While the compact structure guarantees to withstand up to 600 pounds, the water-resistant vinyl cover available on the seat/back pad and the powder coat on the steel frame gives this machine remarkable durability.

  1. User-friendly design

If you are after a versatile workout bench that will not only give you some of the most comfortable workout positions but also pledge maximum safety and stability, we would strongly recommend the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860.

An engineering marvel and one of the most popular home gym weight bench available in the market, this iconic fitness gear is designed with an innovative bar catcher complete with a height adjusting mechanism to help you achieve the most comfortable level. For more autonomy on the type of the weight bar to use, the rack is virtually compatible with most bar dimensions particularly the size 6, 7 and 8 inches.

With ‘U’ shaped front leg stabilizers and in-built safety hooks, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 is a very stable and safe piece of equipment ideal for everyday use around the house.

Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench with Preacher Curl, Leg Developer and Crunch Handle, Dark Gray/Black
  • MADE FOR YOUR FITNESS GOALS: This multi-function, heavy-duty 2.5-inch square tube Olympic weight bench comes with added attachments and accessories for complete workout circuits
  • ENHANCED SAFETY AND COMFORT: The U-shaped front-leg stabilizer provides safety and stability during the workout. The racks have safety hooks on catches and a safe-grip feature to prevent your hands from getting pinched when re-racking
  • 7-POSITION ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: This bench press has customizable features for ergonomic and optimal training positions, including an adjustable full-action Leg Extension/Leg Lifts Developer and an Arm Curl Bar with adjustable foam rollers

Why Most Shoppers Love this Olympic Weight Bench

Offering tons of interesting features, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 is virtually one of the most popular adjustable workout benches currently on the market. Seamlessly compatible with most six and seven-foot bars and featuring comprehensive adjusting mechanisms, this unique piece of equipment is the ultimate option for your home gym. An all-inclusive station chockfull with fascinating specs such as a dual-function leg developer function, preacher curl, and ab crunch, the BCB5860 guarantees to strengthen your body and help you burn calories with incredible precision and effectiveness.

On top of that, this multi-position bench showers you with dozens of interesting advantages such as:

  1. Chest development

Just like any other adjustable weight bench, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 is meticulously built with a highly flexible backrest to help you target your chest and shoulder muscles. Providing you with seven different workout angles and arm curl this fitness gear is a perfect option for individuals looking forward to boosting upper body muscle mass.

  1. Multi-functionality

Essentially, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 is an all-purpose weight bench ideal for full-body workouts from your house. With an adjustable dual-function leg developer function and highly flexible backrest, this tool provides you with an incredibly versatile workout station for full-body workouts.

I mean with the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860, you can perform preacher curls, flyes, leg curls, hamstring curls, and seated dumbbell shoulder presses among others. Simply, it is a picture-perfect bench for full-body workouts!

  1. Safety

Whether an armature or an expert bodybuilder, safety is an extremely vital element especially when working with weight benches. While this aspect is often overlooked in many benches, this is one avenue where the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 truly excels.

Generally, this Olympic weight bench comprises built-in safety hooks and an anti-pinch design to ensure maximum protection on your hands.


  • Multi-position backrest
  • Compact steel structure
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for home gym setups
  • Fairly priced
  • U shaped front leg stabilizer bar
  • In-built safety hooks


  • Weight plates not included in the package
  • The rack may feel wobbly if not tightly screwed

Final Take

On average, the Body Champ Olympic BCB5860 is an excellent and affordable weight bench especially for gymnasts who want to utilize a home gym to build endurance or boost muscle mass. Customized to offer full-body workouts, this piece of equipment is a good value for your money.

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