Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

More fascinatingly, however, a few “modern designs” will completely surprise you with their incredible capability, versatility, and affordability. Anyway, to cut the long chase short, the fact is that weight benches are indeed invaluable machines for the ultimate success of your fitness routines. And if you are thinking about getting one for your home gym setups, you gotta find the best of the best!

Simply your final choice should be a state of the art fitness bench satisfying all of your needs and penchants. And that’s where the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Extension Curl Lift Developer Attachment comes in!

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Unique Features Offered

The Body Champ Olympic BCB3780 is an innovative and versatile weight bench perfectly built to offer you full body workouts from the comfort of your house. It a comprehensive piece of equipment boasting of all the components you need for effective and profound daily sessions. If you are after an affordable and versatile weight bench ideal for all kinds of home gym setups, the Body Champ Olympic BCB3780 would be a great option.

First and foremost, this exceptional fitness machine comes with a unique ergonomic structure which not only captures style but also provides you with a serene platform for intense everyday routines. The benches’ single piece design and extended stabilizers perfectly capture stability and security.

Inclusive of a fully adjustable back pad and a dual action leg developer function, the Body Champ Olympic BCB3780 is a fascinatingly versatile weight bench that supports both upper and lower body exercises. With this flexible piece of equipment, you can easily perform a variety of chest presses such as decline, flat and military position as well as other workout bench functions. Its leg developer function is highly advanced ultimately enhancing effective lower body moves including a variety of leg lifts.

On top of that, you will find the Body Champ Olympic BCB3780’s squat rack and leg lift safety pin virtually invaluable especially when looking forward to boosting you abdominal and back muscles with some vigorous sit-ups and walk-in squats.

In addition to that, this exceptionally reliable home gym weight bench boasts of a heavy duty steel construction inclusive of a weight bar catcher height adjustment capability, a crunch handle, a preacher pad, and high-quality upholstery all intended to boost efficiency and help you make the most out of your workout sessions.

When fully assembled, the Body Champ Olympic BCB3780 measures 78 by 44.1 by 69 inches and weighs just only 73 pounds. Ultimately, this produces a reasonably sized weight bench for convenient application around your own premises.

Just like any other “modern” weight bench built for home gym purposes, this great option comes with a unique set of features. Some of the most outstanding highlights include:

  1. Improved flexibility and versatility

Built with a fully flexible back pad and a weight bar catcher height adjustment mechanism, the Body Champ Olympic BCB3780 is practically a multi-purpose bench fully adapted for a variety of exercises. In addition to an innovative leg developer function which includes high-density roller pads, this Olympic weight bench allows you to perform flat, incline and decline presses as well as leg lifts and sit-ups with incredible comfort and precision. Its advanced adjusting capabilities enable you to focus on a specific muscle group and assume the comfiest body position during workouts.

For maximum safety, the machine comes with a nonpinch grip and locking safety pins!

  1. Heavy-duty construction

If you are after a reliable and affordable home gym weight bench that will safely see you through your most intense workouts without giving in to the pressure, the Body Champ Olympic BCB3780 would be a great option. Boasting of a heavy-duty robust steel tubular frame, this exceptional bench is not only sturdy but also very durable.

Its reinforced steel structure can easily withstand a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds (plus user weight) while the inbuilt leg developer function can support an incredible 150 pounds. In addition to that, the machine comes with a heavily padded seat and backrest which includes two contour-wrapped cushions complete with a stylish pebbled faux-leather cover.

  1. An ergonomic design

Besides offering a multi-function fitness gear boasting of a robust steel structure for optimal longevity and safety during workouts, in most aspects, the Body Champ Olympic BCB3780 is a pretty easy going machine.

The package comprises of a 2 piece combo design including a curvy squat rack and a stylish weight bench. While this unique layout guarantees improved safety and stability, on the other hand, it produces a friendly bench that not only allows gymnasts to assume comfortable positions but also easily employ it as a single unit. I mean, you can easily pull the squat rack away from the bench if you don’t need it!

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Extension Curl Lift Developer Attachment, 2-Piece Combo Bench and Squat Rack Stand BCB3780
  • MULTI-USE: Perform leg lifts and curls, chest military presses, and other weight bench workouts with this multipurpose bench If you want space-saving, high-quality home workout equipment, add this bench to start your journey toward a healthier you.
  • LEG WORKOUT BENCH: The dual-action leg developer allows you to effectively work out your legs with several workout combinations Not feeling leg day Opt for chest presses instead With this equipment, your workout is customizable to meet your needs.
  • ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: Choose from incline, flat, decline, and military positions for your workout, all in the same machine Mixing up your fitness routine helps maximize your workout and keeps you from getting bored. Stay consistent with this bench

Why Most Shoppers Love this Weight Bench

Well, it is true that there are dozens of home gym weight benches out there. Some are really intriguing and would make an idealistic option for your home gym. Nevertheless, you will find some way beyond your price range!

offering an interesting set of features the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Extension Curl Lift Developer Attachment is an affordable choice for you. On top of that, the package showers you with numerous paybacks which include:

  1. Six level adjustment back pad
  2. Full body workouts
  3. Foam rollers and high-density deluxe cushions crucial for improved comfort


  • Fairly priced
  • Adjustable weight bar catchers
  • 600 pounds of maximum weight capacity
  • Multi-position back pad
  • Very stable and safe
  • Durable heavy-duty steel structure
  • Supports full body workouts


  • Not foldable

Final Take

Overall, it appears that the Body Champ Olympic BCB3780 is a good value for your money. Full-chock of interesting features such as leg extension curl lift developer function and fully adjustable back pad, this weight bench is the ultimate choice for your home gym.

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