Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL Weight Bench Review

Although an instrumental asset to the ultimate success of your fitness goals, finding a weight bench ideal for home gym setups is not a walk in the park, I mean, to home in on a perfect option there are numerous aspects to consider. These include weight capacity, robustness, adjustability, upholstery quality, comfort, and design, among others.

For any bodybuilder thinking about getting a weight bench, a good one should not only be affordable but also light and convenient more so if it is for home gym setups. And that where the Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity NO Gap Weight Bench enters the scene!

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Unique Features Available

If you are after a robust, stylish weight bench with a wide range of capability, the Fitness Reality 2000 would be a great option to consider. A state of the art product designed with top quality materials and dozens of exciting features, this ergonomic bench is one of amazon’s best seller. With thousands of positive feedbacks from clients based from different corners of the globe, the Fitness Reality 2000 is an iconic weight bench that commands a broad market scope in the current fitness industry. And it is not hard to see why this exceptional gear has gained such incredible popularity!

First and foremost, the Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL is an engineering masterpiece that boasts of maximum robustness and unprecedented versatility all intended to help you make the most out of your routines. A remarkable bench meticulously designed with a heavy-duty steel frame that measures two by three inches, this machine is capable of withstanding a maximum weight capacity of 850 pounds.

While that ensures a stable, reliable platform crucial for providing optimal support even during intense workouts, on the other side of the spectrum, the Fitness Reality 2000 guarantees you a one stand shop where you can smoothly perform a variety of moves from the comfort of your house. I mean, loaded with a highly adjustable backrest that gives you seven different positions and an adjustable seat; every maneuver in the fitness handbook is virtually possible with this unique bench. Unlike classical models, this modifiable design allows you to make fine adjustments on your body level such that you will not only seamlessly accomplish numerous moves but also be able to focus on specific muscle groups with incredible precision.

On top of that, the Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL includes top quality upholstery and high-density foam padding to ensure optimal body cushion at all the time. Its multi-position saddle and 37 inches long back pad comprise 2-inch thick foam padding all intended to give you a comfortable experience.

For an even cozier feeling, however, the package boasts of a patent-pending seat design that helps eliminate the gap that usually forms between the back pad and saddle after adjusting. Lastly, its leg developer function includes four-4 inch diameter roller foams.

When fully assembled, the Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL measures 69.5 by 24 by 52 inches and weighs only 65 pounds. Complete with heavy-duty construction, this bench is your home gym idealist. More fascinatingly, however, the machine showers you with dozens of incredible features including:

  1. Maximum flexibility

Designed with a detached leg lock-down function complete with 4-inch foam roller pads, the bench seamlessly supports a variety of sit-ups and decline bench exercises. Although crucial, this function can be obstructive, especially for taller guys. So, to ensure enhanced flexibility during workouts, this spec is fully optimized with a 3-position adjustment mechanism and a detachable design such that you can easily remove it when not needed.

On top of that, the seat provides three angle adjustments capability while the extended backrest supports a staggering seven position adjustment.

  1. Improved comfort

If you are a picture-perfect weigh bench that captures both comfort and longevity, the Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL would be a great choice. Boasting of a heavily padded seat and back pad that includes two-inch thick, soft foam cushions complete with double-stitched vinyl cover, the machine not only feels cozy but also keeps the pads free form wear and tear and keeps them in shape.

In addition to that, Fitness Reality 2000 offers two back pad designs where you can either choose to install the lager or the smaller option. If you are more prominent, you will feel at ease with the bigger backrest version.

  1. Foldable design

A good home gym weight bench should be optimized to ideally thrive and fit in the convoluted environment of a typical household environment. I mean, it should be easy to move around, have a reduced dimensional design and above all provide convenient storage.

A home gym idealist, the Fitness Reality 2000 comes with a foldable design that allows you to easily collapse the machine down to 53.5 inches in length, 25 inches in width and 10.8 inches in height. With that, this incredible piece of equipment can easily fit in the closet or even under the bed.

  1. Enhanced portability

Built for optimal convenience around the house, the Fitness Reality 2000 comes with inbuilt transport wheels that ensure more relaxed and safer experiences when moving the bench from one room to the next.

To sum it up the bench comes with a twist-locking pin critical for securely locking the leg lockdown in place ultimately guaranteeing maximum safety.

Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL High Capacity NO Gap Weight Bench with Detachable Leg Lock-Down
  • 850 lbs. Weight capacity. 2" x 3" steel frame construction. Independent backrest and seat angle adjustments. User height up to 6'4". 18. 3” Bench height when in flat position
  • Smooth 7 level adjustable backrest from -15 degree to +85 degree angles. Detachable leg lock-down with 4 foam rollers (4 inch diameter) to support sit ups and decline bench presses
  • Patent pending seat design eliminates the gap between the backrest and seat at all angles and at any position. The bench seat has 3 angle adjustments (0 degree, 8 degree and 15 degree degrees)

Why Most Shoppers Love this Weight Bench

The Fitness Reality 2000 is an incredibly sturdy workout bench with a heavy-duty steel frame and an ergonomic, stylish design. It packs multiple fascinating features which include a multi-position seat and an adjustable back pad complete with premium upholstery. Precisely engineered with a synced adjusting mechanism that eliminates the gap that forms between the saddle and backrest, the Fitness Reality 2000 is a uniquely comfy bench and an excellent value for your money.

Essentially, this package is a popular option among bodybuilder across the globe. And with dozens of charming paybacks, it’s not hard to see why. Some of the advantages of this exceptional weight bench are:

  1. Portability.Designed with transport wheels that allow you to quickly and safely move the machine around
  2. Comes with a folding design for convenient storage
  3. Supports over twenty workout drills such as dumbbell rows, bench presses, lying tricep extensions, dumbbell curls, sit-ups, and many more.
  4. Can be easily integrated with a power cage for more advanced and effective moves
  5. Offers two backrest versions (a more extensive and a smaller one)


  • Heavy-duty steel structure
  • Adjustable seat and back pad
  • Ideal for taller bodybuilders (6.4 inches)
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • High-density foam padding
  • Foldable design
  • Inbuilt transport wheels


  • May feel wobbly if not tightly screwed
  • One year warranty


Overall, Fitness Reality 2000 is a good value for your money comparing its fair price and the numerous features it offers. So, if you are after a resilient and versatile weight bench, we would gladly recommend this outstanding option.

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