Marcy 2-Pc Olympic Weight Bench Review

So, are you contemplating adding a weight bench to your home gym? Well, finding the best option in the market is extremely important considering how weight benches are critical for your strength training program. But with multiple machines now available and dozens of aspects to consider, zeroing in on the ultimate weight bench is not as straightforward!

For any gymnast thinking about getting a weight bench, a good one should not only be affordable but also flexible and such that it offers full body exercise. And that’s where the Marcy 2-Pc Olympic Weight Bench comes in!

Unique Features Available

If you are after an affordable weight bench designed with all amenities needed for full body workouts, then the Marcy 2-Pc would be a great choice. A lightweight machine loaded with advanced features that focus on both upper and lower body exercises, this product is guarantees quality services and maximum comfort.

Built to fit perfectly in a typical home gym, the Marcy 2 Piece Olympic Weight Bench weighs just only 77 pounds and measures 73 by 61 by 58 inches thus enhancing portability. With that, you can effortlessly put away the machine when not in use and retrieve it when needed.

The Marcy 2-Pc Olympic Weight Bench is a picture perfect machine that pledges to bring the proficiency of a health club right into your house. Its extensive feature list allows you to perform a wide array of exercise including biceps, triceps, hamstrings, and squats among others. An excellent addition to your house fitness club, Marcy 2-Pc comes with dozens of features including:

  1. Maximum Functionality

Olympic weight benches come in an array of sizes and shapes. However, if you are after a bench that will give you maximum capability, the Marcy 2-Pc would be a fantastic option. Unlike the typical practice, any adjustable bench; this state of the art fitness tool goes a notch higher in terms of functionality.

Besides providing a picture-perfect platform for incline, flat and decline chest presses, it is combined with an excellent preacher curl pad intended to offer more profound upper body exercises. In addition to that, a precision leg developer feature ensures full leg extensions critical for proper development of lower body muscles.

  1. Adjustability

For a successful home-based training program, a highly flexible bench is a great bonus. While most Olympic weight benches offer this vital element, choosing a model with a comprehensive adjusting mechanism is highly recommended.

Inclusive of a two-piece design which comprises of a detachable rack, the Marcy 2-Pc Olympic Weight Bench allows extensive modifications by just sliding the bench from the rack thus creating an exquisite squat rack. For better access and improved comfort, the bar catchers can also be adjusted to a precise level ideal for every workout.

  1. Lightweight steel structure

A good weight bench should not only be resilient but also durable and sturdy. Constructed from 14-inch tubular steel bars complete with meticulous welding, the Marcy 2-Piece is not only lightweight but also strong enough to support a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. Finished off with a thin layer of rust-resistant powder, it is one of the most durable benches in the market.

Other Notable Specs Include

  • Improved versatility for full body workouts
  • High-density foam padding for a more comfy experience
  • Offers 6 adjusting positions
  • The bar catcher is capable of a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • 100 pounds maximum weight capacity for leg developer
  • Comes with weight plate storage posts

Why Shoppers Love this Olympic Weight Bench

Marcy 2-Pc Olympic Weight Bench is the ultimate fitness machine for comprehensive training. Built for maximum versatility and convenience this evolved equipment is a wide collection of benefits. While customers find Marcy 2 Piece irresistible, some of the advantages of investing in this bench include:

  1. Resistant to rust and water damage
  2. Improved portability as it weighs just only 77 pounds
  3. An isolated rack ensures seamless modification


  • Durable and sturdy because of its steel structure
  • Adjustable seat and backrest
  • Offers a weight plate storage rack
  • Very flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Requires regular maintenance


If you are looking for an affordable Olympic weight bench for your daily home routines, Marcy 2 Piece would be a great choice. Designed with a sliding rack complete with weight storage, this machine is highly modifiable and portable thus making a picture perfect bench for your home gym. Weighing at only 77 pounds and boasting of a durable steel structure, this bench is your ultimate pick.

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