Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for SB-670 Review

To convert one of your rooms into a comprehensive classy home gym, you will need to assemble various types of equipment. Considering all factors, a weight bench should be the first equipment to consider buying. But with the market now flooded with multiple designs, choosing a superlative bench while staying away from swindlers is quite a difficult prospect more so for armatures. Fortunately, we got your back!

After countless hours of in-depth research and collaboration, we have on the table a must-have weight bench. Check out the Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670!

Unique Features Offered

The Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670 is one of the most prevalent weight benches on the industry. And it’s not difficult to see why! It’s compact, comfy and premium design gives this unique bench and edge over its competitors and sends thousands of gymnasts into a shopping frenzy. Inclusive of a powder-coated lightweight steel frame complete with high-density foam upholstery, the Marcy SB-670 Adjustable Utility Bench is the ultimate fitness equipment for your home gym.

To ensure optimal effectiveness and excellent workout sessions, the product comes loaded with dozens of impressive features which include:

  1. An excellent design

Constructed with stability in mind, the Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670 features a wide rear stabilizer bar which helps keep the machine steady even when training with heavy weights. In addition to that, its stability oriented outline includes a slight tapering rear support that grants trainers enhanced workout flexibility, especially when performing critical exercises like flys and incline.

Aside from that, Marcy Adjustable Utility boasts of a wide and comfy seat fully furnished with high-density foam padding to provide soft but also strong platform ideal for intense exercise routines. Measuring 52 by 25 by 46.5 inches in and weighing 51.4 pounds when fully assembled, the bench is not only portable but also will easily fit in your home gym which helps maximize on space.

  1. Maximum adjustability

If you are after a weight bench that will offer you improved adjusting capabilities, the Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670 could be your prize. Supremely engineered with a comprehensive adjusting mechanism, the bench gives you 6 different positions. With that, the package lets you target specific muscles as well as perform various exercises.

  1. Heavy-duty steel structure

While a good weight bench should be fully adjustable in order to offer full body workouts, on the other hand, an option constructed from poor quality materials would be a great setback. Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670 comes with a 14 gauge heavy duty steel frame complete with precision welding intended to provide optimal support during workouts.

Whereas the steel structure is capable of maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds, it is also furnished with a powder layer crucial for resisting rust and water damage.

  1. Offers seamless integration with a wide range of accessories

Predominantly built for dumbbell workouts, this utility bench is incredibly adaptable and can be easily integrated with various accessories like squat racks, so as to give you the most out of your workout sessions.

  1. Designed with tiny detachable wheels that enable you to easily slide the machine away.

Why Customers are in Love with this Utility Weight Bench

With a lengthy feature list inclusive of interesting aspects, Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670 is an affordable package perfect for your home gym. An idealist for full body workouts, this adjustable bench will help you build your chest, abs and back muscles at the comfort of your home.

A distinguished utility bench, Marcy Adjustable SB-670 is a popular product much liked by its users. Some of the benefits behind its approval include:

  1. Versatility

Customers really love the flexibility and comfort of this weight bench. Capable of effectively achieving 6 different angles, the machine supports a wide array of upper body workouts.

  1. Portability

With inbuilt detachable roller wheels and weighing just only 51.4 pounds, the bench is easily portable and can be easily slipped away.

  1. Ability to seamlessly integrate with other machines

While Marcy adjustable SB-670 is a utility bench, honestly speaking it lacks the critical leg developer function. However, built with an adaptable design, the bench easily fits most machines thus making up for its few inadequacies.


  • Modifiable seat
  • 2-toned, high-density durable upholstery
  • Compact design with stability focused construction
  • Queen-size seat complete with tough foam padding
  • Highly adaptable and foldable
  • Powder coat furnishing to minimize wear and tear
  • 600 pounds of maximum weight capacity
  • Lightweight design


  • Lacks padded rollers crucial for decline situps
  • The warranty lasts only for two years

Final Word

In summation, it appears that this utility bench is worth a second look. Flooding with impressive features and costing just only $108.60 at Amazon, Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench for Home Gym Workout SB-670 is an affordable fitness tool and an ideal option for your home gym.

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