Marcy Competitor Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench CB-729 Review

Weight benches are brilliant and holistic fitness tools for any training program. The ideal bench can help you increase muscle size, improve muscle tone and boost endurance.

For any fitness maniac considering getting a weight bench for a home gym, a good one should not only be within your price range but also light, portable and sturdy more so if your workouts involve intense chest presses. And that where the Marcy Competitor Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench comes in!

Marcy Competitor’s Unique Features

The Marcy Competitor is an advanced weight bench loaded with numerous attractive specs complete with a pocket-friendly budget. Inclusive of a state of the art design, this comprehensive bench guarantees to change your workout routines and give you full body exercise from the comfort of your home. With a highly modifiable backrest capable of achieving 5 different angles and heavy-duty foam padding, Marcy Competitor Adjustable Olympic weight bench enables you to comfortably perform a wide array of chest focused exercises.

In addition to that, the machine comes with an autonomous rack that can be quickly detached from the main to create an excellent avenue for lunge exercises as well as walk-in squats. While this helps boost flexibility during workouts, its multi-functioning leg developer is a critical element that gives this specific bench an edge over its competitors.

If you are looking forward to a bench that will provide profoundness and convenience ideal for home-based exercises, we would recommend the Olympic Bench Competitor CB-729. At the very hub of this incredible bench, is a lengthy feature list intended to give you 1st class amenities. Exceptional specs offered include:

  1. A flexible design

Although constructed with a 2 piece design, this Olympic bench is one of the most flexible options you will find in the market. First and foremost, the Marcy Competitor comprises a multi-position backrest that allows 5-position adjustments. Besides that, it also features an independent rack complete with height adjusting crutches which enables trainers to make critical configurations to achieve a comfortable safe position. To ensure maximum protection during workouts, the crutch height adjustment mechanism is fitted with quick-release pop-pin knobs that helps keep the bar in place after shifting the level.

  1. Lightweight steel structure

While a good Olympic bench should provide comprehensive workouts for both the upper and lower body, a portable one would be a great choice more so if it is destined for the home gym. Considering that, the Marcy Competitor Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench boasts of a lightweight and durable steel structure.

Measuring 67 by 45 by 50 inches and weighing just only 63.7 pounds when fully assembled, the bench is very convenient in terms of portability and usage space. Whereas its lightweight design produces a picture perfect weight bench for your home gym, the rust-resistant powder coating on its steel frame helps boost durability.

  1. Offers improved comfort

Comfort depends on upholstery quality and design. If you are after a comfortable workout session, Marcy CB-729 Weight Bench is always an idealist. To be precise, this fitness machine comprises of high-density 2-inch foam padding intended to provide maximum support and ease muscle fatigue when exercising.

A brief Summary of the Specs

  • Multi-functioning leg developer complete with foam rollers for a more comfortable experience
  • A highly flexible backrest with 5 adjustment positions and high-density foam padding
  • Adjustable bar height complete with a safety lock
  • 600 pounds maximum weight capacity (100 pounds for leg developer, 300 pounds for the crutch and 300 pounds maximum user weight)
  • Product weight: 63.7 pounds
  • Product dimension: 67 by 45 by 50 inches

Why Customers Love this Olympic Bench

For the shopaholics who love shopping via online platforms, considering comments from fellow customers is a century-long technique of evaluating the validity of a particular product. I mean all reviews are extremely compelling thus sometimes can be misleading if not careful. But there is a simple trick around this! And here are some of the reasons and advantages why Marcy Competitor Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench would make a great addition for your home gym.

1. Easy to maintain

With the entire frame covered with rust-resistant powder coating, the maintenance process is significantly reduced to just oiling the moving parts and tightening the bolts.


Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as the cover can get damaged

2. Lightweight and easy to store

3. Offers a 2-year warranty


  • 5 adjusting position allows various exercise maneuvers
  • Multi-function leg developer enables seamless lower body exercises
  • Heavy-duty foam padding offers improved comfort and support
  • A special powder layer ensure bench longevity
  • Enhanced portability and very easy to assemble


  • Does not offer maximum stability
  • The package does not include weights which may require additional investment

Final Take

All in all, it appears that this Olympic bench is a good value for your money considering its budget-friendly budget and the numerous amenities offered. Although it doesn’t comprise weights, the Marcy Competitor Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench is durable, versatile and convenient fitness equipment for your home gym.

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