Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench MD-867W Review

Olympic weight benches are some of the most popular options for the home gym. However, with dozens of choices to choose from and multiple aspects to take into consideration, finding a perfect Olympic bench can be a challenging undertaking.

While some are overpriced or just lack critical aspects vital for application in a home gym case scenario like portability, versatility, and toughness, our team thought it wise to streamline your quest by providing you with a straightforward path towards your ultimate weight bench. Meet the Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench!

Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Unique Features

If you are after a mid-size bench with a vast workout potential, the Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench would be a great choice. Just like any other Olympic bench, these exclusive packages comes in with an adjustable back pad critical for decline, flat and incline chest press exercises. Doubling up with a sliding seat track complete with locks, the MD867W keeps the entire seat track mechanism in place thus providing a stable training platform. To build stronger biceps as well as target the unreachable arm muscles, this mid-size Olympic weight bench features flexible preacher curls.

While that helps take care of your upper body, the Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench is also a great fitness tool for your lower body. Essentially, it is engineered with a comprehensive leg developer kit which includes foam rollers for improved comfort when working out on your limb muscles. The bar catchers are also perfectly modifiable and allow you to make height adjustments for improved accessibility and convenience especially during solo workouts. It also features a storage post which provides an excellent avenue for keeping your weight plates after use.

Besides an ergonomic design and ample foam pudding fitted with a custom made leather cover, the Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench showers you with dozens of features including:

  1. Heavy-duty steel structure

Constructed from a heavy duty tubular steel frame, this bench is a strong and lightweight product that provides a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. When fully assembled the entire package weighs 109 pounds and measures 82 by 43 by 60.5 inches. Although the weight may seem higher for a typical mid-size bench, this is fully compensated for by its improved resilience, durability and higher weight capacity.

  1. Oversized bar catchers for improved safety

If you are after a versatile bench that will provide full body workouts and help you build tone muscles at the comfort of your home, the Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench would be an ideal choice. Designed both for both commercial and recreational purposes it comes with oversized bar catchers well-suited for size 6 and 7 feet bars.

  1. Multi-position seat with a flexible back pad

For improved flexibility critical for full body workouts, the bench is designed with an ergonomic seat complete with a sliding seat track that helps you to achieve the right position ultimately reducing back strains during workouts. While the back pad is fully padded for improved comfort, it also features an effective flexing mechanism for precision angle adjustments.

  1. Total leg developer

The Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench is equipped with a leg developer feature that enhances proper leg training by focusing on specific muscles. To give you more flexibility and ensure maximum effect on each and every part of your body, its rear section is spacious enough to guarantee excellent walk-in squats.

A Brief Highlight of the Unique Features

  • Adjustable preacher curl and back pad complete with a bicep bar
  • Compatible with both Olympic and mid-size barbells
  • High upholstery quality with heavy duty paddings
  • Sliding seat track mechanism inclusive of safety locks
  • 14 gauge steel frame fully coated with a layer of a rust resistance powder
  • Countered foam roller pads for maximum comfort during leg workouts
  • The crutches come with an akimbo-style design that lets you perform 2 squat positions

Why Customers prefer this Olympic Weight Bench

Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench is the ultimate fitness tool meticulously designed to offer you incredible training experiences at the comfort of your house. This bench is a good value for your money considering the numerous benefits it offers. One of Amazons Amazon’s top seller, some of the reasons why shoppers love this weight bench includes:

  1. Impressive packaging

Upon delivery, the entire package weighs just only 109 pounds and the packaging box features an aesthetically appealing design complete with the company logo. Inside the box, each piece is perfectly secured in a protective plastic bag that prevents the package from the elements when on transit.

  1. A definitive assembly manual

Inside the box, you will also find a comprehensive user manual that provides step by step guide through the entire assembly process. With that, putting together the Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench is a surprisingly straightforward process and takes a maximum of 2 hours to finish the job.

  1. The sturdy steel frame is covered with a rust-resistant layer to ensure a durable product.
  2. It comes with a 2-year warranty whose terms entail replacement of any damaged component in a weeks’ time thus helping safeguard your investment


  • High-density foam padding offers maximum comfort and support
  • Adjustable back pad for various workout positions
  • With 600 pounds maximum weight capacity the machine is a good choice for heavy lifting exercise
  • Heavy-duty steel structure


  • Lacks weight bar and weights
  • Slightly bulky for a typical home bench
  • Comparatively costly

Final Word

Comparing the features and the benefits offered, we can all agree that Marcy Olympic Mid-Size Workout Weight Bench is a perfect fitness machine for your home gym. The 2-inch foam padding on the seat gives you maximum easiness during workouts and contoured foam roller pads create a sensational feeling and optimal control. With a flexible back pad and a sliding seat track, MD867W is an evolved weight bench that provides full body workouts at the comfort of your home.

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