Marcy Pro PM-507 Pro Adjustable Folding Weight Bench Review

First and foremost a good choice should be light, resilient and convenient more so if you are going to use the machine around the house. In addition to offering a versatile design that will enable you to perform full body workouts, your ultimate weight bench must be affordable considering the prevailing hard economic times. And that’s where the Marcy Pro PM-507 Pro Adjustable Folding Weight Bench comes in!

Unique Features Available

Are you finally done kidding around and now up to the task of building that body physique you have always dreamed of? If so, the Marcy Pro PM-507 Pro Adjustable Folding Weight Bench would be a great partner for this epic journey.

Meticulously engineered for maximum efficiency and convenience during workout sessions, the Marcy PM-507 is not your typical weight bench but a cutting-edge fitness machine perfectly suited for home gym setups. The product boasts of a premium design that captures all the aspects in regard to comfort, robustness, and versatility.

To put this into perspective, this flat bench features a heavy-duty steel construction complete with high-density foam padding that grants gymnast enhanced comfort, maximum support, and optimal stability. When fully assembled, the Marcy PM-507 measures 50 by 15.75 by 17.50 inches and weighs 27.7 pounds. Essentially, that ensures a convenient and sizable weight bench which can be easily moved around while still optimizing on space. Additionally, the machine comes with a foldable design complete with tiny detachable wheels critical for convenient storage and portability.

Simply, Marcy-507 is the ultimate bench perfect for your home gym. It features numerous interesting features such as:

  1. Multi-functionality design

If you are after a simple bench with a wide range of functionalities, the Marcy Pro PM-507 Pro Adjustable Folding Weight Bench is the tool to consider. Although a flat in design, the package is virtually adjustable and allows various exercises technique. I mean, inclusive of an adjusting mechanism this machine allows users to seamlessly adjust the pad angle ultimately achieving various chest focused workouts including flat, incline and decline presses. Additionally, Marcy PM-507 comes with a comprehensive leg developer function critical for working out on your lower body.

  1. Heavy-duty steel structure

Built of durable, 14 gauge steel frame this fitness machine is impressively robust ultimately guaranteeing you a sturdy gear that can easily withstand a maximum user weight of 250 pounds. For maximum durability, its steel frame is coated with a protective anti-rust powder layer.

  1. High-quality upholstery

Strengthening your body is no child’s play and if a weight bench is one of your favorite tools, definitely a comfy one would be a great proposition. Precisely designed for maximum body cushion, Marcy PM-507 boasts of an ample pad that includes high-density foam padding. While this gives you optimal support during workouts, the pad also comes with vinyl cover critical for protecting the product from wear and tear.

Why Customers Love the Marcy PM-507

As a matter of fact, the Marcy Pro PM-507 Pro Adjustable Folding Weight Bench is a pretty simple and intuitive model. Nevertheless, in terms of functionality and convenience, it packs a punch! A picture-perfect bench inclusive of a multi-position pad and an advanced leg developer, this flat bench is an all-inclusive piece of equipment ideal for full body workouts.

Marcy PM-507 is an affordable weight bench that guarantees numerous paybacks including:

  1. Excellent packaging and easy assembly

Inside the box, you will discover a semi-assembled bench. The only parts that you may not find detached are the footholds and padded leg. Even so, the unassembled components are separately packaged to avoid damaging the equipment during transit.

  1. A folding feature

Built for maximum convenience, this bench includes a flawless folding feature that lays the bench flat for convenient storage. In addition to that, it also comes with an inbuilt handle on the frame and detachable wheels that allows you to quickly and safely move the machine around.

  1. Durable lightweight steel structure


  • Portable
  • Foldable feature for convenient storage
  • Lightweight simple design
  • Comfortable and ample pad
  • Wobble-free


  • May not be ideal for advanced trainers

Final Take

If you are looking forward to an affordable flat weight bench that will not disappoint you in terms of sturdiness, resilience, and convenience, the Marcy Pro PM-507 Pro Adjustable Folding Weight Bench should be a great choice. A comprehensive fitness tool built with an intuitive adjusting mechanism and a comfy pad, this weight bench is a good value for your money.

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