Marcy Standard Weight Bench Home Gym MD-389 Review

For any bodybuilder thinking about investing in a weight bench, a good one should not only be affordable, light, multi-functional and resilient but also highly flexible more so if it is for home gym setups. And that’s where the Marcy Standard Weight Bench with Leg Developer Multifunctional Workout Station comes in!

Exceptional Features Available

The Marcy Standard MD-389 is a top-notch weight bench uniquely designed to give you intense full body workout from the comfort of your own premises. An all-inclusive exercise gear measuring 60 by 52 by 47 inches and weighing just only 48 pounds when fully assembled, the package is dimensionally customized to ensure maximum convenience in and around the house. As a result, this aesthetically appealing fitness bench is an in-house idealist as well as a perfect option that can virtually operate both in the garage and around your backyard.

The Marcy Standard MD-389 comes with dozens of interesting features all intended to help you make the most out of your routines. First and foremost, it boasts of an intuitive adjusting system that includes a multi-position back pad complete with high-density foam padding and quality upholstery for maximum body cushion and longevity.

Additionally, the bench features a heavy duty steel construction and a comprehensive workout station boasting of incredible accessories such as dual functioning press arms, a dual action leg developer function and an isolated arm Curls complete with an adjustable Pad.

In simple, the Standard MD-389 is an affordable weight bench that focuses on providing optimum versatility which ultimately nurtures effectiveness and profoundness across all of your workout routines. The product comprises dozens of fascinating features including:

  1. Heavy duty structure

Boasting of a durable heavy duty structure fully reinforced with 14-gauge tubular steel bars, Marcy MD-389 is one sturdy weight bench that guarantees optimal support during workouts. Its resilient steel structure offers a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds (plus user weight) crucial for withstanding intense daily workout sessions.

To crown it all, the Marcy MD-389 comes in with top-quality upholstery that includes 2.5-inch thick foam padding which gives you a comfy yet firm exercising platform. While that provides great supports to gymnasts, the benches’ cushions include a protective vinyl cover for minimizing wear and tear and an anti-rust powder layer on the steel structure to ensure maximum durability.

  1. Multi-position back pad

Adaptability is an important aspect of any good weight bench. Generally, it enables you to effortlessly perform numerous moves including those that focus on the hard to reach muscles. An icon in the current fitness industry and a reputable option for home gym setups, Marcy MD-389 is designed with a highly flexible back-pad that allows you to quickly adjust your body angle.

The backrest adjusting mechanism grants extensive modifications and can achieve up to four different workout positions.

  1. Dual-action leg developer function

Unlike its numerous counterparts, the Marcy MD-389 is a comprehensive bench that focuses on revamping and enriching your exercise routines by providing you with profound and effective workouts on your lower body.

This is possible because of Marcy MD-389’s advanced leg developer function that comes with a precisely placed pivot point. Generally, this unique design facilitates accurate body alignment ultimately guaranteeing an optimal effect on the targeted muscles.

In addition to that, the leg developer function includes foam roller pads crucial for ensuring maximum cushion and ease during workouts.

Other Notable Features Include

  • A versatile weight rack that perfectly fits with standard-sized weight plates and barbells
  • Isolated arm curls crucial for building your biceps and shoulder muscles
  • Flexible and fully cushioned arm curl pad for improved convince and comfort when performing arm exercises
  • Autonomously functioning pec-fly arms function for enriched upper body workouts
  • Weight plate storage posts

Why Most Shoppers Prefer the Marcy MD-389 Weight Bench

Essentially, the Marcy MD-389 weight bench is a comprehensive piece of equipment meticulously designed with an advanced structure for maximum convenience ideal for home gym setups. Its innovative structure is an engineering masterpiece that precisely syndicates leg and arm stations crucial for full body workouts.

Boasting of a multi-position back pad and an adjustable arm curl pad, the machine is incredibly flexible which allows trainers to achieve the most comfortable and effective positions. With Marcy MD-389′ superior agility, you can virtually focus on a specific muscle group and strengthen it with fantastic precision and convenience.

Offering a heavy-duty steel structure complete with far-fetched versatility, Marcy MD-389 is an affordable weight bench and a great option for your home gym. It showers you with multiple irresistible advantages such as!

  1. Lightweight design

Although compact and exceptionally resilient the entire package weighs just only 48 pounds which allows you to easily move the bench around if need be. In addition to that, the Marcy MD-389’s structure is very compact and harmonized thus minimizing usage space.

  1. An ergonomic and comprehensive workout station

Designed as an all-inclusive fitness gear that includes innovative arms and legs workout stations, this unique weight bench is a holistic option ideal for your home gym.  It also features top-quality upholstery comprising high-density foam padding and adjusting mechanisms

  1. Affordability


  • Flexible back pad
  • Dual-function leg developer function
  • Adjustable Arm Curl Pad
  • Lightweight design
  • Ideal for standard-size weight plates and barbells
  • Weight plate storage posts
  • Heavy duty foam padding


  • Lacks a user manual
  • Only Ideal for standard users


Hitting the gym as regularly as possible is vital to your overall health. However, considering the demanding schedules and deadlines at the workplace, sometimes this is not the case for most of us. Investing in a picture-perfect home gym weight bench can give you more leverage and control of your workout schedules. And the Marcy Standard Weight Bench with Leg Developer Multifunctional Workout Station is one of the best options to consider.

Incredibly adaptable and loaded with dozens of fascinating attributes, this state of the art fitness gear guarantees to completely change the odds and help you build that dream physique.

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